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Health Care for All Oregon is a grassroots coalition of over 100 organizations that are determined to create a better way of financing health care for every person who lives or works in Oregon.  Our mission is to provide publicly funded, privately delivered, high quality, affordable, universal health care to everyone. People will be free to choose their medical provider to give them the care that they need, free to choose their career, job, and time of retirement independent of health care costs.  We believe that health care is a human right.  The care we receive should not be dependent on what we can afford.  It is time we joined the rest of the free world and provided ourselves with publicly funded health care just like we do for education, libraries, fire fighters, and police.

Health insurers press for high-deductible, low-benefit policies

by Wendell Potter for the Center for Public Integrity

As we head into the final stretch before next week’s midterm elections, Americans continue to have wide-ranging views of Obamacare, but even many who have an unfavorable view of it say they would rather see Congress improve it than get rid of it.

In fact, according to the Kaiser Family Foundation’s most recent tracking poll of public opinion about the law, released last Tuesday, almost two-thirds of the public would rather see their member of Congress work to make the law better than to repeal and replace it.

The big, unanswered question, though, is what to fix and how to do it.


How the Republican Tempest Over the Affordable Care Act Diverts Attention from Three Large Truths

ROBERT B. REICH, Chancellor’s Professor of Public Policy at the University of California at Berkele

ROBERT B. REICH, Chancellor’s Professor of Public Policy at the University of California at Berkele

from the Robert Reich blog
Friday, November 22, 2013

Having failed to defeat the Affordable Care Act in Congress, to beat it back in the last election, to repeal it despite more than eighty votes in the House, to stop it in the federal courts, to get enough votes in the Supreme Court to overrule it, and to gut it with outright extortion (closing the government and threatening to default on the nation’s debts unless it was repealed), Republicans are now down to their last ploy.

They are hell-bent on destroying the Affordable Care Act in Americans’ minds.

A document circulating among House Republicans (reported by the New York Times) instructs them to repeat the following themes and stories continuously: “Because of Obamacare, I Lost My Insurance.” “Obamacare Increases Health Care Costs.” “The Exchanges May Not Be Secure, Putting Personal Information at Risk.”


Medicare fraud outrunning enforcement efforts

Official: agency failed to investigate 1,200 complaints due to staff shortages, and more cuts coming
By Fred Schulte
July 1, 2013 The Center for Public Integrity

Citing massive budget and staff cuts, federal officials are set to scale back or drop a host of investigations into Medicare and Medicaid fraud and abuse — even though cracking down on government waste and cutting health care costs have been top priorities for the Obama administration.

The Department of Health and Human Services Office of Inspector General is set to lose a total of 400 staffers that are deployed nationwide as a primary defense against health care fraud and abuse. Though agency officials have yet to decide which investigations will be shelved as staff dwindles, the existing staff is already stretched so thin that the agency has failed to act on 1,200 complaints over the past year alleging wrongdoing — and expects that number to rise. The OIG began shedding staff at the beginning of the year.



Sign the Petition for NALC

Sign the petition IF you believe in the right to Organize Labor, IF you think forty four cents first class postage is still a great deal, IF you put people before privitization & profit, IF you have had good service through the years from your Letter Carriers, IF you believe the USPS being the biggest employer of military veterans is a good thing, IF you would like to have 23,000 breadwinners continue to put food on the tables for their loved ones, IF you believe in Public Service as a career choice for our childrens, childrens, children. It only takes a moment to create an account. Congressman DeFazio was the #1 petition signer and I was #830, we need to do so much more,
In Unity,,
Rich Raimonde,NALC Branch 540 Vineland, N.J., Unions for Single Payer.

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The Deadly Secret About the Fiscal Cliff Charade

Let's stop repeating failures of austerity and move toward solutions that can restore our Federal budget – and us – to health.

Alternet, January 4, 2013  |
Campaign for America's Future
/ By Richard (RJ) Eskow

Imagine a nation with a terrible problem – one its leaders refuse to discuss. The problem will needlessly drain trillions of dollars from its economy in the next ten years.

Now imagine that this problem also robs that nation’s citizens of life itself, draining years from their lifespans while depriving them of large sums of money. Imagine that it sickens and disables countless others, drives many people into bankrupcty, and kills more than two newborn infants out of every thousand born.

Imagine that fixing this problem would make result in a dramatic decline in publicly-held debt. It wouldn’t just “help” the debt problem, mind you – it would cause that debt to plunge.

And now imagine a national “deficit debate” which completely ignores this problem.


A very bad New Deal!

The deal the media reports President Obama and Republican John Boehner appear close to striking includes a change to Social Security that amounts to benefit cuts "of more than 5 percent and more as the years go by." And what is “chained CPI”? For millions of seniors living on a fixed income, that 5 percent goes to crucial medicine, food, and daily necessities. And the deal would leave in place some of the Bush Tax Cuts for the top 2% that President Obama previously promised to oppose.

The good news is that we really do have a chance at stopping this bad deal. After Democrats picked up five Senate seats in the election last month, Senate Leader Harry Reid said, "We are not going to mess with Social Security." If we let him and other senators know we've got their backs, we'll have a chance—but we need to act right now.

The above is an excerpt from a MoveOn alert. See also today's Healthcare-NOW newsletter for more information.

Call our Senators Jeff Merkley and Ron Wyden right now and ask them:

"Senate Democrats have been vocal opponents of cuts to Social Security benefits. Can I count on you to do everything in your power to stop this deal if it includes the reported cuts to Social Security benefits?"

Contact  our Oregon Senators and Representatives today!

Controlling Rising Health Care Costs: Medicare Is the Solution, Not the Problem

By Joe Baker, President, Medicare Rights Center

Posted: 11/13/2012 for Huff Post Politics

Although Election Day is behind us, Medicare remains on American's minds. Medicare ranked third to the economy and federal deficit as an issue of extreme importance in deciding how Americans voted. For months now, pundits, candidates and policymakers have wrestled one another about Medicare's future. Taking place at town hall meetings and on editorial pages, these battles were mostly waged in fiscal terms. Medicare's sustainability, the fiscal slope, and the cost of insuring the Baby Boomers are hot topics for debate. Attention will now turn from the candidates' promises to their actual proposals.