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The Jefferson Center presents The Healthcare Movie in Ashland

The Jefferson Center is pleased to present an informational program including a free showing of the documentary


4:00-6:00 PM



We, in the United States, pay more for healthcare than comparably developed nations and yet often have worse health outcomes.  Other countries have very different systems of paying for health care.  We have options for change.

After the Movie

The film will be followed by an opportunity to explore questions about the challenges of our present healthcare system and what an expanded Medicare for all might be like. This discussion will be led by a panel from HCAO (Healthcare for All Oregon) including Wes Brain of Ashland, Mike Huntington M.D. and Tim Roach from Corvallis, and Lee Mercer from Silverton.


The Community Action Committee of The Jefferson Center, Ashland OR.

More information at thejeffcenter.org

The Healthcare Movie:

The most important movie you'll ever see about health care in the US.
You've been sick...you bought the insurance...you've lost your doc...

                            Now Come See the Movie....

This 65-minute film documents the real story of how the health care systems in Canada and the United States evolved to be so completely different, when at one point they were essentially the same.
 Produced by Canadian/American couple Laurie Simons and Terry Sterrenberg, The Healthcare Movie reveals the personal and emotional impact on Canadians who now have access to universal health care because of the heroism of people who took a stand nearly 50 years ago. It also reveals the continuing struggle in the United States between the fear of government intervention and the right to quality health care for all people. 
    Free showing Saturday, May 31, 4 p.m., at the Siuslaw Public Library in Florence. Representatives from Health Care for All-Oregon (HCAO) will be there to answer questions, along with Dr. John Egar, the primary care physician recently dismissed from Peace Health in Florence for speaking out about health care issues.
    Sponsored by the Florence Chapter of HCAO. Listen to the film makers HERE
--Rand Dawson, HCAO Florence

Report from Wes Brain in Southern Oregon

This report was by phone, as Wes' computer has suffered an untimely crash. Wes reports this morning that Dr. Friedman's presentation at the SOU/RCC Higher Education Center was attended by 80 people, 30 of whom were business students at the RCC campus, and 25 of whom were new to our campaign. Wes says Dr. Friedman's factual yet entertaining style is raising the level of enthusiasm about our Oregon campaign for universal health care.

Dr. Friedman was interviewed earlier by KOBI TV "Five on Five," archived HERE.

Dr. Friedman in Corvallis May 16

Report by Betty Johnson

Dr. Friedman's evening presentation in Corvallis, “Can We Afford Health Care for ALL?” Will be filmed by Maegan Prentice, who is also currently trying to arrange to record the noon event: “Comparison of International Health Systems with the U.S. “

The films will be available on YouTube soon, where any person or group can view them and embed them on their website.

George Mann in Phoenix: HCAO Benefit Concert

Report by Wes Brain

Southern Oregon's Pete Herzog opens for Mann

Southern Oregon's Pete Herzog opens for Mann

Southern Oregonians were joined by State Representative Peter Buckley at the Grass Shack in Phoenix Monday evening for some great food, music and a vision for our evolving health care system that will include everyone. No one will be excluded when Oregon moves to a single payer health care system that will focus directing money to health care instead corporate profit. The current fragmented non-system driven by the bottom-line has turned into a national disgrace.

The concert was moved inside because of the cool and changing weather. The thirty five folks attending the concert heard Southern Oregon’s own Pete Herzog who opened the first set. Then headliner George Mann entertained the crowd with stories and song for the second set. The last song of the evening Woody Guthrie’s “This Land is Your Land” had Herzog and Mann strumming guitars and leading the singalong with a tune we all know and love to sing.