You Can All Help

You can all help!

by Larry Symonds, HCAO Fundraising Manager

As I have been visiting with our chapters and the volunteers who drive the wonderful mission of HCAO and HCAO Action, I have been encouraged by the overwhelming sense of purpose and desire to “do something.” And I am hearing the same thing from people new to the movement. Just last night I was visiting with three friends as they planned a wedding and health care came up. Very quickly their frustration turned to a passionate desire to help us change things and I see three new supporters in our near future. One of these people is a small business owner with two kids and (soon) a new wife and house. His concern over the whole health care mess quickly escalated. He wants to help. He committed to becoming a supporter and, in fact will add his name to our list of business supporters.

This led me to reflect on something I noticed at a meeting in Eugene a couple of weeks ago. Several people at that meeting were unaware of our support from organizations. From businesses, unions, churches, really from any organization. While the core of our effort is the individual, we can grow that core, spread our message, and demonstrate the strength that comes from numbers by expanding our support among organizations.

Which leads me to my point, this month. You can all help. Think about your employer, your religious organization, your union and help us talk with them about becoming supporters. An organization can become a member for as little as $100 (although, as with individuals we encourage support at whatever level is comfortable beyond a basic membership). Adding the organizations name to our list of supporters reinforces the power of our effort. And often, the organization helps open doors to more members--both individual and organizational.

So, my call to you all this month is to find an organization which should know about what we do. Go to our website and you can see many of the organizations already on board. Talk with your local leader for ideas or guidance. Talk with me, and we can strategize.

As always, thanks to all of you for everything you do, and I look forward to meeting more of you as I work throughout the state. I am reminded every day about how fortunate I am to be able to find a career opportunity with such an important mission.