HCAO Workshop on Strategic Advocacy

HCAO Workshop on Strategic Advocacy, Direct Action and Rapid Response.

We will seek a multitude of ways to organize and message for HCAO that can break through people's assumptions and disinformation about Single Payer Health Care. We will build alliances and raise awareness of our issue/cause through earned media by seeing and making use of opportunities for immediate engagement where timing is critical. We will work on infusing our advocacy with creative activism to energize and draw new and young activists into our organization. Tactics in direct action include many minimal-risk actions. We will also work on developing creative chants, signs, and visuals that can energize any kind of HCAO action. The point of the workshop is to change our thinking, to see new openings for action and intervention that will reach new audiences and move people in the spectrum of allies and opponents.

Saturday May 7, 1-4:30 p.m. at Holladay Park Plaza, 1300 Northeast 16th AV in Portland.

For more information, see the workshop Facebook page.

Hyung Kyu Nam, Chair HCAO Education Committee