Working Families

Working Families Party on Health Care in 2016

The U.S. still has 48 million citizens with no health coverage, and millions more who have coverage but still can't afford prescriptions, vision or dental care. The U.S. is the only industrialized country in the world that doesn't guarantee citizens' access to basic health care.

Even for those of us who have healthcare coverage, costs are getting to be too much to bear, with the price of premiums outpacing inflation every year. And one unexpected serious medical problem can bankrupt any family all too easily.

The high cost of healthcare is draining small business too - since small business don't have the bargaining power larger business do, high costs hit them the hardest and keep them from providing healthcare.

This is an outrage, and we can do better. 


Everybody deserves access to affordable and high quality care, an no insurance company claims adjuster should be making health decisions that should be between a family and the doctor.

Working Families is advocating a new public healthcare option to expand healthcare access and drive down costs.

People who are happy with their healthcare coverage could keep their existing plan - but people without insurance or paying too much could buy into a new high quality, low-cost public plan.

A new public healthcare option would drive down costs for all of us by forcing private insurance companies to compete.

Comprehensive healthcare reform could save us all money, provide better health coverage, and more preventative care to everyone, and stimulate our economy. 


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