Board and Staff



  1. TRUSTEESHIP: This includes safeguarding, managing and maintaining the resources, image and good name of Health Care for All – Oregon (HCAO). It signifies good stewardship and accountability to the community, activists, and the donors.
  2. POLICY: The Board determines HCAO’s overall policy and direction including organizational structure, budget, services rendered, major program emphasis, personnel practices and salaries.
  3. FUNDING: The Board is responsible for the financial health of the organization.
  4. PLANNING: The Board identifies and develops HCAO’s strategic vision, goals and objectives three to five years into the future. This includes planning for as well as implementing the organizational structure, management tools and processes required to achieve its strategic objectives .

Board Members Responsibilities (general)

  • Participate in HCAO's monthly meetings, which are held in person as well as via teleconference or webcast, and last approximately 3 hours
  • Participate in the annual HCAO Board retreat
  • Participate in a minimum of one HCAO committee, including attending regular meetings of that committee
  • Actively participate in fundraising on behalf of HCAO including soliciting (or otherwise facilitating) donations
  • Commit to an annual, personal financial contribution to support HCAO based on what the individual can afford
  • Review and approve the annual budget, projects, and other activities
  • Sign Confidentiality Agreement and annually sign the Conflict of Interest Questionnaire
  • Understand and participate in consensus decision making
  • Participate in HCAO events/activities, i.e. Rally at the Capitol, Blues Festival
  • Participate in semi-annual HCAO membership meetings
  • It is strongly recommended to actively participate in an HCAO Local Group or Member Organization and serve as a communications channel between the HCAO Board and the local affiliate or Member Organization.
  • Seek opportunities to collaborate with organizations to advance the mission of HCAO.

March 26, 2016

Board & Officers