Volunteer Opportunities to Get the Movement Moving

                                       Tabling at an SEIU meeting

                                       Tabling at an SEIU meeting

Volunteer 0pportunities to get the Movement Moving

For activists, both newly recruited and veterans, who are asking the question “What can I do to have a real impact on getting the single payer movement to our goal of a ballot measure in 2020?” here is an answer: Investing four-eight hours a month participating in the Mobilization or the Membership Committees of HCAO will make a great contribution to our ultimate victory.

The recently re-organized Mobilization Committee has the task of identifying leaders and volunteers from among our growing (near 20,000 folks) database of statewide supporters, reaching out to them, recruiting them for volunteer tasks and activities from speaker events to film screenings and from tabling at farmers' markets to rallies in the capitol. A key position we need filled is for a statewide Volunteer Coordinator to mesh the efforts of leaders of local HCAO chapters around the state. But there is much more to do!

After our first Mobilization meeting on October 12, with 16 folks representing Portland, Washington and Clackamas Counties, Salem, Mid-Valley, Rogue Valley, the Coast and Eastern Oregon attending, we began drilling down on action items. Joel Spector from Milwaukie has started digging into the e-Tapestry database to make it more efficient and to begin setting up reports of HCAO members by region. With these reports, local chapters can pull a list of all supporters in their immediate area and reach out to find volunteers to support activities. Each chapter needs a “data doctor” to pull reports and use the database to reach out to members.

Amanda Coulter, new Mobilization Committee participant from Tigard, is working with the Speakers' Bureau and the Metro Council in setting up speaker engagements, cleaning up our business supporter list in the database and meeting with chapter leaders to brainstorm on new ways to activate local advocates. On Oct 20 she met with Yuriko Lee, Roger Leverette, MD and Kasia Mannix to review the Fix It movie at a brew pub in Tigard and discussed ways to get Washington County advocates re-engaged on HCAO educational and advocacy projects.

So joining the monthly calls of the Mobilization Committee (first Monday of the month—next meeting Nov. 7 at 5 p.m.) is one way to find definite productive tasks to help with statewide mobilization and help statewide advocates to find ways to be mobilized.

Turning to the Membership Committee, there are many specific tasks to be done, month in and month out, in reaching out to and engaging our 120 member organizations. Jean Galleher from Sutherlin has been doing a lot of work on member outreach, calling and e-mailing member groups, updating their information in our database and seeking opportunities for us to speak and/or table at their events. She and other committee members like John Booker also help table at events such as the recent SEIU state council meeting in Albany.

Lou Sinniger, Membership Committee and Labor Caucus chair, has been overseeing the outreach to union events, which have provided many tabling opportunities this year at OEA, OSEA, SEIU, AFL-CIO etc. These events collectively have allowed us to sign up hundreds of rank and file union members, some of them becoming donating members. If you like face-to-face outreach contact, these union conferences are great places to talk about the benefits of universal health care with a very enthusiastic and supportive audience.

Another big job for the Membership Committee members is calling the representatives of our member organizations to make sure they are turning out for our twice-a-year HCAO Statewide Membership Meetings. It’s these tireless e-mails and phone calls that bring out the more than 120 folks attending almost all of our statewide meetings.

And remember to Register Now for the Nov 12 Statewide Membership Meeting in Corvallis!

To learn more about the Mobilization Committee, contact Lee Mercer. To learn more about the Membership Committee contact Lou Sinniger.