Talk to Your Legislator

Talk to your legislator

If you have agreed to be on a Legislative Contact Team for HCAO, now is the time to talk to your local State Senator and/or Representative, if you haven’t already. Any legislator standing for election or re-election this fall is probably a bit more responsive to constituents’ concerns, and we are constituents with a message. HCAO urges Legislative teams to contact your representative or senator—or both, if you’re on two teams—once before November, and then again after the election, before the spring 2017 legislative session begins.

If you’re not yet on a Legislative Contact Team for HCAO, contact the leader of your local chapter. If you’re in the wide expanse of our state without a currently active local chapter, contact Sandra Coyner.

Do you need support in figuring out what to say to your Senator or Rep? HCAO’s Legislative Committee has prepared an information sheet and will be supplying updates to everybody who has signed on to be a Legislative Contact person. (Another reason to be signed onto our list of people to receive updates.) We’ll have two bills in the 2017 session directly related to single-payer, and we’ll support bills about CCOs, cover all kids, nonprofit hospitals, and drug pricing. If you are just beginning your relationship with your legislator, it’s ok to just acquaint them generally with single-payer values and principles before the election. Afterwards, we are looking for co-sponsors and commitments to support our bills, wherever possible.

We are looking for teams of voters who agree to form a relationship with a Senator or Representative, or both, to promote HCAO’s interests. As our network of Legislative Contact Teams evolves, we will develop the supports you need. Contact me with questions you might have.
-- Sandra Coyner, HCAO Legislative Committee