Take Action: Introduction

HCAO Take Action Kits   


Health Care for All-Oregon actively seeks supporters and potential supporters through various methods and activities that educate, mobilize, and raise funds. Take Action Kits have been developed by the Mobilization Committee for the engagement opportunities below:

Statement of Support
House Parties
Photo Petitions
Tabling at Events
Health Care Questionnaires

The hcao.org Take Action section is a resource-rich area that can meet the needs of both experienced volunteers and newcomers to the movement that is working to win health care for ALL people who live or work in Oregon.  Supporters have ready-to-use Take Action Kits with instructions, procedures, materials and forms for successfully completing an engagement activity such as a house party or tabling event. A primary contact person is included on each Kit document. They are just a phone call or e-mail message away and eager to talk to new supporters and walk them through how to use the Kit.

Some HCAO supporters and volunteers may have new ideas on how to reach out and engage others.  If you have an idea that does not fit the description of the kits described here, try it out!  Let us know if you are successful so we can share your idea with others.

The HCAO Supporter Follow-up Kit outlines our commitment to reach out to every person who tells us they support health care for all people in Oregon. We expect everyone using one of the Take Action Kits to follow up with new supporters and give them the opportunity to participate in future HCAO events and to receive our newsletter and other information.  Every person counts in our movement to bring health care to all people in Oregon. Everybody in and nobody out!

If you need more information or help following up with new supporters, or if you have a new idea for engaging supporters, contact Nancy Sullivan, Chair of the Mobilization Committee at nancyhs@gmail.com.

Take Action Media Tools, Letters and Op-Eds
are provided by the HCAO Communication Committee