Tabling Can Be Fun

Tabling can be fun!

On Saturday August 13, Shelley Ries and I tabled at Corvallis Farmers' Market and had a steady stream of visitors. Among them was an Italian pilot on a work visa (not related to his piloting) to the US.  He was intensely befuddled and dismayed by the US health care non-system. After he arrived here several months ago, he required an emergency appendectomy.  Bills kept coming for weeks, totaling $12,000.  He was lucky it wasn't $40,000. In Italy he would have received no bill. 

Later I spoke with an OSU student from Saudi Arabia. He said medical care is provided without charge to Saudi residents (citizens I presume).  I asked why the King and the government decided to make health care available to all citizens. He said, "We are a wealthy country."  I said, "The US is wealthy too, but does not make sure its people have access to good health care.  Why does the Saudi King do this?"  He replied that the King stays aware of what his people need and wants them to have good lives.November Member Meeting: Save the dat

On Sunday, August 14, Hossien El-Nashaar and Cindy Scott (and later Betty Johnson and Shelly Ries) tabled at the Campeones de Salud (Champions for Health) Family Day at the Osborn Aquatic Center.

                  Tabling at Campeones de Salud

                  Tabling at Campeones de Salud

Tabling is very very interesting ...and fun😊. See the Tabling Kit on the HCAO website for helpful guides and handouts.

--Mike Huntington, M.D.