Response to assertions

Response to Assertions in Petition:
Tell Democrats NO to Socialized Healthcare


(petition by the National Republican Congressional Committee, NRCC)

--Response by Jim Robison, President HCAO Action

Assertion:  "The Democrats want the same type of bureaucrats who operate the DMV and IRS to run YOUR health care."
Fact: Democrats want you and your doctor to make decisions about your health care instead of a remote insurance benefits reviewer who is told to deny all claims in order to maximize profit. People in Canada rely on medical professionals to determine care rather than insurance companies.

Assertion:  "People would be waiting for months to see a doctor."
Fact:  As is the case in Canada and other nations that guarantee health care for everyone, if you need immediate medical care, you get it, without having to gain the pre-approval of your insurance provider. In fact, you can get that care without worrying that it will ruin you financially.

A publicly funded universal health care system will ensure that EVERYONE is able to get needed medical care, based on decisions they make with their health care providers, when they need it, without financial ruin.