Priority bills and issues

HCAO priority bills and issues in the Legislative Session

Here are some bills HCAO is tracking or supporting in the current session:V

A single-payer task force bill, which we hope Sen. Dembrow will introduce soon. This will likely be our highest priority. We don't know if it will be a house bill, a senate bill, or both.

Though not a bill, a presentation of the RAND report * is an HCAO priority. It is not yet clear how that may play out. The report is logically connected to our single-payer task force bill, and we hope it will result in a hearing.

LC 1029, an update to our single-payer bill (SB 631) from 2015. We are also working with Dembrow on this one. We will not be trying to pass this bill, just using it within the legislature to continue presenting information and building support. At this point we are hoping to get a hearing for it in both the house and the senate. We may try to relate it to the task force bill and the RAND report.

HB 2122: Greenlick's coordinated care organization (CCO) reform bill. This bill proposes a number of reforms that many feel are necessary if CCO’s are to be a useful part of universal health care system. There is a matching SB 273 that is unlikely to move before HB 2122.

Cover All Kids (SB 558 and HB 2726) is a priority for us, but we are intending to just play a supporting role.

There are a number of drug pricing bills we are watching: HB 2116, HB 2387, SB 237, and SB 399. HB 2387, which came out of a work group convened by Rep. Nosse, appears to be the most useful of these bills.

HB 2115: Greenlick's non-profit hospital requirements bill

For more information on our legislative priorities, contact Legislative Committee Chair, Charlie Swanson.

* Legislators and others intend to seek clarification regarding things in the RAND report that appear to be at odds with other information.