President's Message-Many Partners

                                                                                                              Photo by David Young

                                                                                                              Photo by David Young

President's Message: HCAO has Many Partners In the Fight
for Better Care-To More People-For Less Money

--Tom Sincic, Family Nurse Practitioner, President Health Care for ALL-Oregon
At the Celebration to Honor Mitch Greenlick, 200 people, including many new faces showed up to generously support HCAO as Representative Greenlick again called for an Oregon constitutional amendment to say that health care is a human right. That same evening, Dr. Sam Metz inspired those in attendance as he emphasized that the only known path to "BETTER CARE, TO MORE PEOPLE, FOR LESS MONEY" is Single Payer.

However, there is much more to tell: Democratic Socialists of America and local Democratic parties are out canvassing to deliver the message and gain supporters for Health Care for All-Oregon; Indivisible Groups are organizing meetings to highlight Single Payer; Grass Roots Impact is hosting discussion events; and Independents for Progressive Action has partnered with HCAO in a showing of Now is the Time. HCAO is being called upon and responding to the call by union workers to partner with them in the struggle for health care benefits and to deliver the message that in order to bring BETTER CARE-TO MORE PEOPLE-FOR LESS MONEY, we need Single Payer. In addition, nearly 100 fired-up attendees came together on Saturday, October 21, for HCAO's "Organizing the Movement for Victory in 2020.". Those same attendees also gave generously to support HCAO's basic operational needs. A big thanks to all..

We must of course continue to build an HCAO database of 80,000 supporters. This must be a primary element of every activity.|

What is needed now from you: