President's Message: July

President's Message: Let's Get the Word Out--"Single Payer and HCAO"

--Tom Sincic, Family Nurse Practitioner, HCAO President

The "Single Payer/Medicare for All" message is showing up in media from Public Radio to the New York Times. We have a chance to amplify that message and we need your help.

Helping now is simple. How can you help now?

Get everyone in your social media and conversation circles to go to the HCAO website and complete the Statement of Support. Ask them to do the same. Get the message out to every corner of the state.
Become a Member and get others to Become a Member. Your financial support is necessary to help us build a media campaign to counter misinformation and engage in conversation with businesses, individuals and elected officials statewide about the advantages of Single Payer/Improved Medicare for ALL.
Organize! Organize! Organize! in your community of neighbors, friends, and co-workers so we will be ready for 2020. Contact HCAO Mobilization for assistance..

Thanks so much for being a part of the effort to bring "an equitable, affordable, comprehensive, high quality, publicly funded universal health care system serving everyone in Oregon and the United States."