President's Message

President's message:
Getting Improved Medicare for All--State and National Pathways!

--Tom Sincic, Family Nurse Practitioner, President Health Care for ALL-Oregon


Greetings fellow Single Payer Supporters! Our mission is in overdrive. The hype around the introduction in the Senate of the "Medicare for All" bill has vastly increased attention to this issue. We now get to wage this fight on two fronts, both in Oregon and nationally. We can and will do both because we have a large potential volunteer force that will be HCAO's responsibility to harness. Engaging with those who have indicated a willingness to help is high on my priority list. If you are interested in connecting to a Committee, I encourage you to contact the Committee Chairs directly. Listen here to what a Canadian Doctor says about Single Payer..

We must of course continue to build an HCAO database of 80,000 supporters. This must be a primary element of every activity. What is needed now from you:

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