Persuasive speaking


Persuasive speaking

The Persuasive Speaking workshop was held at the Holladay Park Plaza in Portland on Saturday, April 29, with 40 attendees. Visit the Persuasive Speaking page on the HCAO website for links to facts, information on techniques, PowerPoint presentations, videos of the speakers' presentations and other resources available for your use in getting the word out about our campaign for universal publicly funded health care.

Attendees expressed a high degree of satisfaction with the session. Here are their comments: “1.  Exceeded my expectations. 2.  Wonderful event with great info!  3.  I didn’t expect so much time on speech-giving per se. 4.  Well organized, great info. 5.  Good to see range of presentation styles and expertise. 6. Really crucial bits of data that I hope to use.  7.   I really enjoyed Larry’s talk about show up and speak up.    8.  Great access to a lot of facts and the emotions that are relevant to use and tap into. 9.  Videos available. It is OK not to know everything to be useful. 10.  Great tips from Sam Metz, Larry Steward, Cliff Goldman, Mike Huntington, Hyung Nam. 11. Overwhelming amount of information. It will take time to digest.  12.  Very helpful. I am confident and speaking, but learning the message .to incorporate into my speaking was great. 13.  [I learned] how to be effective as a speaker—narratives, speech structure.14. The informal atmosphere help to ease anxiety about practicing what we learn.”

Similar sessions will be offered in the mid-Willamette Valley and the Medford-Ashland area in the next several months and will be announced in the HCAO newsletter and website.

To bring a speaker to your area, or for more information about future Persuasive Speaking workshops, contact Mike Huntington, MD., 541 829 1182.