Outline for a 30-Minute Orientation for New HCAO volunteers and activists

Outline for a 30-Minute Orientation for New HCAO volunteers and activists

-Hyung Nam, HCAO Education Chair

These are critical times for both new and veteran activists to get involved, not only to defend against the latest attacks on our institutions and those who are most vulnerable, but to lead with our campaign for Health Care for All. Now is the time to become more active in our campaign. Find out more about HCAO, our campaign goals and ways you can help us win Health Care for All in Oregon and beyond.  

1) Mobilizing talk: brief explanation of single payer?, history of campaign, strategy/goals, HCAO organization--it should be a shorter version of the one HERE, but it has the important elements

2) Tell and share brief health care stories and emphasize the importance of reaching people through stories--in small groups with a leader modeling. This can include positive stories with experience of universal health care systems in other parts of the world. This is also really important because it is interactive and helps people get to know each other and bond. 

3) Projector/Computer: Introduce our tools and ways to be involved--introduce people to the HCAO website, online statement of support, HCAO social media, films, committees, meetings, calendar, trainings, etc. It would be good to be able to use a projector to show these resources on the HCAO website. Immediate goal--like and share FB page, share and get five new people to sign statement of support. Film showing party?

4) Introduce opposing questions/answers (see link) and practice a few to help build people's confidence. With limited time, this can just be brief and part of #3 above and let people know there are opportunities for further trainings to go into more depth on this and many other things.

For handouts, these may be most useful for new people
Progress Up To Date (similar to what we cover in the mobilizing talk)