On Medicare's birthday. . .where will you be??

On Medicare's birthday. . .where will you be??

-- Lisa Stiller, Chair, HCAO Medicaid/Medicare Advocates

Medicare celebrates its 52nd birthday on July 30, 2017, and it's an important date! Despite threats to make cuts to the program, it has survived. But with a current unpredictable administration and a Congress determined to cut health care and safety net programs until people bleed, this year it is especially important to take to the streets, take to your local park or wherever people can gather publicly to celebrate Medicare and demand that no cuts be made. Medicare needs to be expanded and improved so that it is available to all.

Medicare is well-poised to become the model for a single payer health care system: administrative cost estimates run from 2 to 6 percent (the ACA mandates administrative costs be kept at between 15 to 20% for private insurance); and Medicare has a good preventative record.

So we are encouraging people to celebrate; Do a lot of outreach to get big crowds. Be creative. Think colorful, fun, and attention-getting. Promote your celebration in the media. (You need press coverage to get people to notice. If you tell the representatives you invite that you invited media, they are more likely to come!) And do invite your Congressional and state representatives; ask them to address the importance of Medicare and what it has done for the 750,000 Oregonians who are Medicare recipients.

Look through our new Medicare Birthday web page for ideas! Send brief descriptions of what you are planning to Lisa Stiller, with photos, if any, for us to share on the page.