Nurses Speak Out July

Nurses Speak Out

--Rachel Prusak, MSN, APRN, FNP-C

This month I hosted a house party for nurses to learn about the work of Nurses for Single Payer (NFSP) and Health Care For All-Oregon (HCAO.) New nurses, seasoned nurses and nurse practitioners, as well as retired nurses, all together in one place networking. We discussed challenges we face in our current health care system and then gathered around a screen to watch Now is the Time. Prior to the documentary I was able to convince a few nurses and NP's to sit down in front of the camera and discuss why they are involved in the movement for a single payer system. Here is a sample of some of their thoughts. Note: Excuse the party sounds of dogs and laughing but we had fun getting to know one another while we gathered for the cause.

I hope this encourages nurses to join the movement that is addressing our broken health care system. Here are some ways to join; 

1. Become a member of the Oregon Nurses Association to get involved with advocacy work.
2. Reach out to your local HCAO chapter and have a house party. An active HCAO volunteer will come with a documentary and lead a discussion on universal health care.
3. Follow NFSP on Facebook and at their website.

HCAO and NFSP have a shared interest in growing the grassroots movement by educating communities about universal health care so when a "health care for all" measure is on the ballot in 2020, our knowledge will beat the pharmaceutical and insurance companies' billion dollar campaigns.

Resist and Persist, 
Rachel Prusak, active member of ONA and HCAO, and VP of NFSP