Note form Larry Symonds

A note from Larry Symonds

                Larry Symonds,         Director of Development

                Larry Symonds,
        Director of Development

As I’ve settled into my role as Director of Development here at HCAO, the importance of this organization and its crucial battle to assure health care access for all Oregonians has truly resonated with me. I am honored and a bit awed to be a part of such a transformational group of progressive, caring citizens. Thank you all for this opportunity!

Today, the very health and, in some cases the lives, of Oregonians depends on what we do. I am charged with the responsibility to see that financial resources are not a barrier in that effort.

As I begin meeting volunteers and supporters throughout the state, my confidence and optimism toward our effort is only strengthened. I look forward to meeting and working with as many of you as possible. We are truly the sum of our many parts and stronger for that.

As this is the first of what I hope to be a series of musings in my efforts to expand our financial support, I wanted to begin with a request, not for money (although we always need additional financial support), but for your insights and, hopefully, guidance.

We are in the process of redesigning our team of volunteers with whom I will work in our fundraising efforts. Our vision is to create an ”advisory council” of people throughout the state who can help me as I expand our efforts. I see this as a group of “rainmakers”, not necessarily fundraisers. These would be people in their community who know that community. People who understand how to work with supporters in their community. People who are leaders and hopefully connected and respected. People who can direct me to the appropriate doors to be open. People who can in some cases introduce me to others in their community. People who know how their community works and can help me work within that community.

So, my request to you all is to help me find those people in your community. Maybe its you. Perhaps its someone you know or know of. It needn’t be a current HCAO supporter and you needn’t be the one to ask that person. Contact me and we can discuss the appropriate steps to take. Oh, and this is not a formal committee with monthly meetings and expectations for the members to raise money. It is a collaborative team which together will expand our support throughout the state - both financially and in terms of members. It will be my job to coordinate the actual “ask”, but I need your help to be a part of your community.

Please call/text (541-250-1893) or email me with questions, ideas, suggestions, names or just to talk about how we can succeed together.

Again, thank you all.