Nominations and Elections Committee call for recommendations

Member organizations and local chapters will vote for HCAO officers, board and committee positions at the next annual meeting in May or June of 2017. The Nominationsand Elections committee is seeking recommendations for the following positions:

President, two year term
Secretary, two year term
Board Members (see constituency representation categories below)
Nominations and Elections Committee, one year term
Nominations and Elections Committee, one year term
Nominations and Elections Committee, one year term.

Please use the recommendation form and submit by March 10 th to David Young; 5530 SE Pine St; Portland, OR, 97215 or scan and email the completed form to me HERE. Use as many forms as necessary. Please complete all the blanks or the committee will need to contact you. All recommendations must have prior approval of the candidate. Please also attach a one-paragraph biography of the candidate that will appear on the ballot

HCAO by-laws were amended last year to encourage individual members to nominate candidates starting in 2017. This is a recommendation only. The official nomination will be

determined by the committee and submitted on the ballot at the annual meeting. Nominations will also be taken from the floor at the annual meeting.

Again, nominators must have prior approval from the candidates. Floor nominees will have three minutes at the microphone to support their candidacy.

Nominations and Elections Chair, David Young