News from Around the State August

News from Around the State

Region 1 (Mid-Valley)

HCAO Albany: Edie Orner says the chapter is working on a local resolution to the City Council; and celebrated the Medicare/Medicare anniversary with tabling at the Albany Saturday Market and the Berniestock in Lebanon. They showed Big Pharma at the Albany Public Library, with 30 attending, followed by a good discussion. Attendees wanted a take-away sheet on the main points.
HCAO Marion County: Lee Mercer reports that the Silverton group shared a booth at the Homer Davenport Peace Festival, and signed up 70 new people along with 60 postcards urging Rep. Schrader to sign on to Medicare for All.
MidValley Health Care Advocates:

Linda Krygier of Mid-Valley Health Care Advocates spins the health care wheel for a smart young fairgoer. The young woman correctly answered the health care question; that it's glasses that correct fuzzy vision.  Photo by Sandra Bean

Linda Krygier of Mid-Valley Health Care Advocates spins the health care wheel for a smart young fairgoer. The young woman correctly answered the health care question; that it's glasses that correct fuzzy vision. 

Photo by Sandra Bean

Sandra Bean reports that MVHCA tabled at the recent Benton County Fair to help raise awareness and gather support for the health care for all cause.  Volunteers staffed the table in shifts every day of the annual county fair, handing out hundreds of bookmarks and pencils marked with the website.

                 Hsichao, Sen. Merkley

                 Hsichao, Sen. Merkley

Mike Huntington, Ange Dias, Karen Christianson, Anita (Jennifer Carlin's mom).

Mike Huntington, Ange Dias, Karen Christianson, Anita (Jennifer Carlin's mom).

Mike Huntington reports: About 30 red-shirted MVHCA advocates and 450 other people showed up for Senator Merkley's town hall at Corvallis High School on August 7.  He honored the local Food Share workers for about ten minutes and then addressed what he feels are the main issues facing congress and the nation. Health care was the first topic (20 minutes). He does not foresee the Republicans mounting another stealth campaign for repeal and in fact knows several GOP senators who are relieved at the failure of the Senate bill.  They did not want to face angry constituents.
Senator Merkley said that a Medicare buy-in would be a politically feasible step in the next few years toward single payer. It would mean a much larger risk pool (all Medicare patients) than would the public option plan that was discussed during the ACA run-up. But I think he made it clear that Medicare for All (he prefers that name to single payer) is his goal.  He did say yes he is working with Senator Sanders and our congressional delegation to develop a Medicare for All plan.

Region 2 (Cascades-East)

                                   Anna Sue Hayes

                                   Anna Sue Hayes

Oregon Rural Action Health Care Reform Team: Cheryl Simpson reports that. among the seven issues polled on at the Democrats' booth at the Union County Fair, the Health Care for All "plank" received the most votes by far, followed by stopping global warming. The Action Team is working on a local resolution this fall, and had a 400-pill bottle display at the Farmers Market for their Medicare/Medicaid Birthday celebration.

Region 3 (Northwest)

HCAO Newport: Joanne Cvar says the Lincoln County Democratic Precinct Committee invited the Newport group to share their booth at the County Fair. Although it is on the weekend prior to the eclipse, when traffic is expected to be heavy, Jerry Robbins, Gary Lehman, and Dorothy Blackcrow volunteered to help with the tabling.

Region 4 (Southwest)

HCAO Eugene: Kathy Filip reports that Eugene is working on another resolution, and is planning a celebration. The Eugene chapter worked with the Country Fair, though they were in a poor location. They showed Now is the Time Sunday, August 13, at the Unity of the Valley Church, with a panel discussion afterward. They tabled at the Eugene Solidarity Music Festival, and have scheduled a Persuasive Speaker event for October 14.
Additionally, Lou Sinniger, Chapter Chair reports: HCAO tabled at the Oregon Education Association Leadership Conference in Bend August 1 and 2. Thanks to Nancy Radius, Dave Stranahan, and Lou Sinniger. We will be tabling with AFSCME Retirees at the Oregon AFL-CIO Convention at the Riverhouse in Bend on September 8-10.
The Eugene Chapter is forming sub-committees called teams in an attempt to become more organized and responsive to the influx of interest. Sheryl Sabo and Katie Sloan are doing our data entry.  Sheryl has volunteered to be the Chapter Secretary.
The Sub-Committees and Chairs are as follows:
Internal Communications/Volunteer Coordinator- Luke Habberstad and Jeff Earl-Thomas
       Greet and engage new members and volunteers, phone tree work, maintain our Chapter database and coordinate with state HCAO.
Legislative-Charlie Swanson
      Establish relationships with State legislators; coordinate and move our political agenda.
Events/Tabling Coordination- Nancy Radius and Kathy Filip
       Identify, plan, and organize future events/rallies, coordinate tabling, gather signatures, do canvassing, plan house parties, fundraising, etc.
Education-Dr. Henry Elder
      Create educational presentations for our Chapter, do outreach presentations to community organizations and businesses, participate in        panel discussions.
Publicity-Bill Eitenmiller and Leslie McLees
      Public Relations/Media work, Chapter Website, Letters to Editor, Twitter etc.
In addition the Chapter is creating one additional Committee Called Outreach Team. 
       Strategize, plan, and coordinate recruiting new member organizations and businesses.
The HCAO Eugene PAC Chapter is coordinating with the Speakers Bureau (Mike Huntington and Hyung Nam) to create a Regional Persuasive Speaking Training Event October 21,10 to 4, at the Unitarian Universal Fellowship 1685 West 13th Ave. Eugene, OR. 97402. The Chapter will be providing lunch and refreshments. Please mark your calendars.
Upcoming Tabling Events:
      South Eugene Neighborhood Picnic – Tugman Park
      Labor Day Picnic at Lively Park Springfield.
      U of O Street Fair--October 10-11-12 (in hopes of recruiting College Youth.

HCAO Klamath Falls: Report by Wes Brain:

          Dr. Sharon Melnick speaks at the rally                 (photo by David Blackman)

          Dr. Sharon Melnick speaks at the rally
                (photo by David Blackman)

Klamath Falls Spotlights Universal Health Care with Downtown Rally and March
Its not just Portland, the Willamette Valley and the more populated western Oregon who tout Single Payer, Universal Health Care (Improved and Expanded Medicare for All).  Health Care for All-Oregon (HCAO) is seeing an uptick of activism in rural Oregon, including the east side of the Cascade Mountains. And so it was Saturday, July 15 in Klamath Falls when local activists put the spotlight on Universal Health Care with a rally and march on Main Street in downtown Klamath Falls. Three cheers to health care organizers in Klamath, Falls!

One Klamath Falls event organizer is Julie Ryder, a nurse practitioner and small business owner who has spent years in the nursing profession. Julie had attended Health Care for All-Oregon’s last statewide membership meeting and now has taken on the project of developing a new chapter for Klamath County. Julie has some solid activist helpers in Dr. Sharon Melnick, a retired physician, and Leslie Lowe, who is with the League of Women Voters.

HCAO Rogue Valley: Joe Graf reports Now is the Time was screened three times at Eagle Point, this small, conservative area. The Center for Peace and Justice in Medford showed Big Pharma in July. We showed Big Pharma on August 2, and Grants Pass is planning a film series in September. Chapter members attended a Single Payer party in Klamath Falls. At a Central Point demonstration, Senator Alan DeBoer had to confront lots of red HCAO shirts. The local group has passed two local resolutions in Ashland and Talent.
Wes Brain reports: 100 folks (and three dogs) rallied in Ashland’s downtown plaza 11am to noon on August 12 to celebrate defeating TrumpCare. 

Ashland sign7.jpeg

And here is the Medicare Happy Birthday sign made for today’s event.

Yesterday afternoon (8/13/17) Rep. Pam Marsh held a Health Care Town Hall at the Jackson County Library in Medford. At the conclusion of the town hall I asked Lynne Likens to send her speech which you can see HERE

Ashland Town Hall.jpg

Oregon State Representative Pam Marsh (District 5) addresses the crowd at the Health Care Town Hall.  
Sixty people attended with HCAO t-shirts prevalent.

Region 5 (Metro)

HCAO Clackamas: Karen Baker reports the group is working on several local resolutions for the county, and the cities of Milwaukiie and West Linn. They participated with the Metro Council on the march and rally for the Medicare/Medicaid Birthday celebration.
Metro Council: Barbara Council highlights a PSU rally with Socialists,at which they distributed fliers and gathered signatures. They tabled at two Sunday Parkways and several street fairs, getting over 300 signatures and selling buttons and t-shirts. Supporters also attended several town halls.

Medicare March.jpeg

Photos by Chris Lowe

Beth Kerwin reports: On July 30, the Jobs With Justice Health Care Committee organized and celebrated the 52nd birthday of Medicare. Folks congregated at the North Park Blocks in downtown Portland, where Jamie Partridge got the crowd galvanized. We chanted our way to Skidmore Fountain, where we had a huge cake, the Raging Grannies, and several speakers. Hannah Taube was the Emcee, and speakers included Mitch Greenlick, Michael Dembrow, Travis Nelson, Dr Thuy Tran, and Mini Orozco. Scott Blau of ARA graciously supplied cupcakes, which were passed out among the curious crowds.
HCAO Washington County: Yuriko Lee reports that the Washington County chapter is holding Regular monthly meetings on third Wednesdays. 6 p.m., at the Beaverton Library. They worked on a Beaverton resolution and will show Big Pharma for outreach at the Beaverton Library. Yuriko said there weren’t enough active members in the chapter to properly follow up organizationally--she needs more support. Lee is helping her.
The Washington County chapter will participate in the September 9 Beaverton Parade, meeting at 9:30 a.m. at Allen Blvd and Wilson (near the Beaverton Christian Church}; Yuriko encourages others from out of the area to come fill out their numbers. Please e-mail Sandy Bly if you intend to join them for the parade.