News from Around the State

News from Around the State:

Region 1 (Mid-Valley)

Lee Mercer reports that the Jan. 2 Marion County chapter meeting focused on the Mobilization Plan, involving chapter activities. The Now is the Time film will be screening Feb. 21 at the Salem Progressive Film Series at the Grand Theater in Salem

. Producers Terry and Laurie will come out to support a tour.  Screenings have been scheduled in Portland Feb. 18, Eugene Feb 19, Corvallis Feb 20 and Beaverton Feb 22.  Let Lee know if your area is interested in a screening around the same time

Sandi Bean reports that HCAO signage in various sizes and formats were developed for the Jan. 21 rallies by Mike Huntington. The signage is available HERE and HERE.

Region 2 (Cascades East)

Cheryl Simpson says their area is gearing up to implement the Action Plan through Mobilization tools, including supporting the HCAO Strategic Plan. They are reviewing what they did in 2016, and how to move forward in 2017. They are collaborating with Union County Democrats.
Bill Whitaker reports that the Union County Progressives group (former Bernie Sanders supporters) is sending postcards to legislators, supporting Medicare, Medicaid, and the Veterans' Administration, and arguing against repeal of the ACA unless it is replaced by Medicare for All.

Region 4 (Southwest)

Kathy Filip reports that a Feb. 13 meeting in Eugene on their resolution needs HCAO participation. They plan to show health care reform films, including Now’s the Time, in February. They’ll participate in the Jan. 21 Women’s March; the new signage will help.

Joe Graf reports that the Jackson County Democrats connected with Bernie Sanders supporters on health care for the Jan. 15 Save Our Health Care event. Rogue Valley HCAO supporters participate d in an MLK event, as well as the Women’s March They have developed a spreadsheet for supporters to record in-kind contributions and meeting hours, rather than everyone having to submit their own.
Sandra Coyner adds that we’re working on how to make our meetings more special.

Bob Bickers reports from Douglas County that he, Jean Galleher, and Rick Staggenborg met with Rep. Cedric Hayden on January 3.  While the meeting was cordial, Hayden is not supportive of single payer.  Bob says they hope to meet with him again once the Rand study is public. Jean had a letter to the editor published in The News Review on January 13, and Rick Staggenborg has volunteered to write an op-ed on the Rand study. Jean attended the January 15 Save Our Health Care rally in Roseburg representing HCAO.  Rick is working with the Unitarian Church and Roy Zimmerman on a February concert. Bob will be tabling at Umpqua Community College Spring Term at their Health Resources Fair.  

Region 5 (Metro)

Ken Myers reported that Mitch Greenlick has spoken to about 32 legislative contacts. The Portland Metro Council is trying to revive dormant local groups: Amanda Coulter is using eTapestry to help revitalize the Washington County grooup.

Gary Sinnen says they are looking for Clackamas meeting sites. A couple of younger people have joined the Metro Council. Ken attended an Oregon Health Authority stake-holders' meeting Jan. 18 An Oregon Health Forum will be held Jan. 25 at the Multnomah Athletic Club, with legislators discussing issues of the coming legislative session.

Hyung Nam participated in an all-day “Stand Together” workshop on Jan. 14.

Health Care Reform Action Team (Union County):
from Oregon Rural Action Member Update – January 2017

Today, when the United States has two times as many health insurance employees as doctors, and pharmaceutical and insurance companies outspend other industries on lobbying, it is time for concerned citizens to act to improve our very broken health care/health insurance system. In recent days, thousands of Americans have voiced their anger and concern about the new administration’s all-out attempt to dismantle the Affordable Care Act or Obamacare without offering any real solutions to address our nation’s health care crisis. Health Care for All Oregon (HCAO) remains committed in its efforts to secure single-payer universal health care for everyone in our state; we need more citizens to step forward and support this effort.

Please join the conversation and take action to bring about much needed change. Without citizen involvement, repealing Obamacare is just the first step the new President and some members of Congress will take to increasing the vulnerability of millions of Americans who are currently under-insured or uninsured and have little to no access to basic health care As long as health care is treated as a commodity, all of us will lose.

Our next meeting is scheduled for January 31 from 6:00 - 8:00 p.m. at the Oregon Rural Action office at 1119 Washington Ave., La Grande. Among other topics, our agenda includes identifying effective ways to mobilize local support to protect Medicare and Medicaid (Oregon Health Plan). We also will be hearing from Health Care Reform Action Team members who have up-to-date information on national and statewide efforts to make affordable, quality health care available to everyone.  Please join us.

Submitted by Anna Maria Dill

Portland Gives Publicly Financed Campaigns A 2nd Try

by Amelia Templeton for OPB, December 14, 2016

Portland’s on-again, off-again relationship with public campaign financing is back on. The City Council voted Wednesday to create a new system of publicly funded elections, known as a small-donor multiple match, modeled after New York City’s public campaign financing.