Time to Mobilize the Masses!

Time to Mobilize the Masses!
Join the new HCAO Mobilization Committee

Following the Sept. 23-25 HCAO Strategic Board retreat we are seeking members for a new HCAO Mobilization Committee to help carry out our Operations Plan. HCAO activists with experience in political organizing, volunteer coordination, event planning, logistics or just a passion for building the single payer movement are invited to join the new Mobilization Committee. Also, we are looking for at least one activist from each active (or even not so active) chapter around the state. Members of previous iterations of the Mobilization Committee are also, of course, invited to join.

The Mobilization Committee is responsible for developing the strategies, tools, and resources needed to engage, educate, and mobilize Oregonians in our movement to create universal publicly funded health care. The primary duties include:

  • Develop proposals for actions and projects to build the power of our grassroots base,
  • Identify, train and support leaders statewide,
  • Support development of new and existing chapters,
  • Coordinate communication between chapters,
  • Coordinate volunteer recruitment and placement.

As Mobilization Committee Chair, my vision will be to provide support and nurturing for existing and new chapters, including traveling around the state to arrange events and meetings with local organizations. Reports back on local actions will continue to be made on the monthly Local Leaders calls.

Let me know if you are interested in joining the new HCAO Mobilization Committee.

Also, let me know if your local chapter or organization would like me to come and meet with you or help with a speaker event, house party, film screening or other activity.

Thanks for all you do in support of Health Care for All. Everybody in- nobody out!

--Lee Mercer, Mobilization Committee Chair
Cell 831-818-5240