May News from around the state

News from around the state

Region 1 (Mid-Valley):

Mike Huntington, Corvallis, reports that Saturday marketing started April 11 with new approach--wearing hospital gowns and “buns” and roaming around the market, purchasing from different tables and answering questions! They held a Living Room Party wit 14 people attending on April 6. It was well-read and informed group that wanted to talk about major concerns on the state and national scenes. They also spoke to the steel workers (they called us), who were curious and comfortable with the discussion.

40 people met for two hours with Dan Rayfield, our local state representative, and discussed HB 1046 (he is a co-sponsor). The Speaking Persuasively Workshop was attended by 40 people on April 29. Check out the website page for Sam Metz' 3 Questions and 9 Answers, Paul Hochfeld’s simple three-minute piece on risk pools and other excellent resources.

Lee Mercer, Silverton, reports that the Progressives hold a monthly film series and watched Now is the Time in April. Betty Johnson helping to organize a new chapter in Monmouth.

11 persons met with Congressman Kurt Schrader about HR 676. The group included two doctors, three business persons and a college professor. They also met with Oregon Senator Fred Girod, a dentist, who is against single payer. A young doctor working at Salud in Woodburn was part of the delegation. At the end of the visit Girod said he was interested in forming a single payer work group.

Region 2 (Cascades-East):

Maggi Machala, Bend, is a retired nurse with 40 years in public health, and is working with Bend activist, Dave Stranahan. they are holding a meeting on May 25. Lee will contact Dave and Maggi and provide information about how to become a chapter of HCAO.

Cheryl Simpson, La Grande, reports that the Oregon Rural Action Health Care Reform Action Team co-organized resistance at three “Representative” Greg Walden Town Hall meetings with Union County Progressives on May 8. A strong majority of people at each town hall “hooted and hollered” for health care for all--single payer health care. HCRAT tabled, sold shirts, and gathered statements of support. See photos, videos, comments on Facebook and YouTube. Search for Walden Town Hall in Baker City, in Elgin, in Wallowa on May 8.

The Oregon Rural Action Health Care Reform Action Team co-organized resistance at three “Representative” Greg Walden Town Hall meetings with Union County Progressives on May 8. Strong majority of people at each town hall “hooted and hollered” for health care for all – single payer health care. HCRAT tabled, sold shirts, gathered statements of support. Photos, videos, comments on Facebook and YouTube. Search for Walden Town Hall in Baker City, in Elgin, in Wallowa on May 8. There was great Walden Town Hall coverage in the May 10 La Grande Observer, also an excellent My Voice column “Better Health Care for More People” with HCRAT leader Fuji Kreider (and Sam Metz) also in the May 10 edition.

Region 3 (Northwest):

Mike Huntington reports that Mid Valley Is providing support for a newly forming group in McMinnville, and met with Sherri Yeager. Lee will contact Sherri and provide information about how to become a chapter of HCAO.

Region 4 (Southwest):

Charlie Swanson, Eugene, reports that 20+ people from HCAO Eugene attended the Rally and Legislative Day on April 20, and met with their legislators, missing only a few. The Eugene City Council Resolution passed on April 19, urging the legislature to take the next steps to implement the findings of the Rand Report. They are developing a Rapid Response phone tree, and discussing “What is the best way to educate others?” Mike Huntington is considering the possibility of holding the next Persuasive Speaking Workshop in the Eugene area.
Wes Brain, Ashland, reports that on Saturday April 15 State of Oregon Senator Alan DeBoer held two town hall meetings for his constituents in Senate District 3. The first in the morning was in Ashland, while the second was in the afternoon in Jacksonville. Many topics of concern were aired at both meetings. In Jacksonville Senator DeBoer spoke with positive support for universal health care, citing the movie Fix It as an example for moving forward. The Senator said that he had talked with Representative Greg Walden, who would hand-deliver a personal letter to President Trump advocating Medicare for All. Michelle Atkinson shot a video of the entire Jacksonville town hall (nearly two hours) and has posted it on FaceBook, Thank you Michelle! To hear Senator DeBoer talk about health care for all, go to approximately 1:14:15 into the video and listen for several minutes to the astonishing support coming from Senator DeBoer. Please feel free to share this; however it is asked to give credit to Michelle Atkinson as videographer.

       HCAO advocates in front of Talent City Hall

       HCAO advocates in front of Talent City Hall

Wes forwarded an article published by  Southern Oregon Progressives, to report that “The City of Talent on May 17, 2017 passed a health care resolution advocating the State Legislature initiate a cost-effective, high quality and comprehensive health care system for All Oregonians. Talent residents Gerlinde Smith and Lee Lull gave a detailed presentation to the city council. Jim Schellentreger of Talent entreated the council to capitalize on this opportunity to give more weight to his voice which is diluted by the time it gets upstream to Salem. By adopting this resolution his voice is strengthened and better heard. Lauri Hoagland, a family nurse practitioner at La Clinica spoke about the need in Talent. She knows many people have to choose between medicine and bills.  We, in Talent are all better heard with the passing of this resolution and are happy to have joined the many other cities that have preceded us as we work for comprehensive and affordable Health Care for All Oregonians.” See the Talent Resolution text HERE.

 An excellent movie, Fix It- Healthcare at the Tipping Point, is being shown at the Universal Unitarian Church in Ashland on May 25, at 7 pm. This movie, made by a citizen activist, examines how the onus of health care affects businesses in this and other countries. 


Region 5 (Metro)

Barbara Council and Jim Robison report that the Metro Council is discussing how to reach more “unconvinced” people with the Big Pharma film. New people are joining the Metro Council every month. Cliff Goldman is pursuing an HCAO Exhibit at the Multnomah County Fair.

Bob Gross, David Yound, Beth Kerwin, and Hyung Nam

Bob Gross, David Yound, Beth Kerwin, and Hyung Nam

Beth Kerwin, JWJ Health Care Committee Chair, reports that despite being the best weather day of the year, so far, the Jobs with Justice Health Care Committee, along with sponsors: Alliance for Democracy, Nurses for Single Payer, and HCAO, held a successful screening of: Now Is the Time at the Clinton Street Theater on May 7, 2017. A supportive staff helped us set up two tables with information, and sign-up sheets for petitions of support. David Young was the emcee, and after the film we had a panel of speakers: Hyung Nam (HCAO) Rachel Prusak (Nurses for Single Payer), and Bob Gross (Jobs with Justice). The audience was animated, showing support when Lee Mercer was interviewed and applauded loudly at the conclusion. They were engaged, supportive, and seemed poised to join the movement. Thanks to everyone who supported this event!.

HCAO Clackamas County

Clackamas County is back to having monthly meetings, the 3rd Wed of each month (May 17, June 21, July 19).
Time:  6:30-8:00 pm
Location:  Unitarian Universalist Church at Willamette Falls, 710 6th St, Oregon City
ContactEmail us HERE or call Karen Baker,, 503.789.9925

Volunteer at Sunday Parkways

--Karen Boyer
These events have been very successful for gathering statements of support and spreading the word about Health Care for All in Oregon. Volunteering under the shady canopy along the route filled with delightful folks, families, friends, out for a meander in the neighborhood.

Tablers are needed for two-hour shifts at the following events from 11 a.m.  to 4 p.m.:
June 25 at North Portland
July 23 at NE Portland
September 24 at Sellwood/Milwaukie

We have guides that prepare you; we have all the stuff; you will not be alone.  You just need to show up and pitch in some time for a great cause.  lease contact me by email or 971-570-0169 and tell me when and where you want to be plugged in. Don't hesitate to contact me if you have questions.  If someone wants to coordinate the August 20 event in outer NE Portland, we can add that to our calendar too!
Here's a link for more information about Sunday Parkways.

Multnomah County Fair - volunteers needed!

Barbara Council sends thanks to the people who have stepped up to volunteer for the Multnomah County Fair, but we need many more!! The more volunteers, the fewer hours we will need to work, so we can have a little fun. This is a wonderful opportunity to introduce and educate thousands of people about Health Care For All-Oregon. It is free to get in and free to park and have a blast. 

Here are shifts, hours and location:
Oaks Amusement Park 7805 SE Oak Park Way, Portland, Oregon 97202
 Memorial Day Weekend, May 27-29, 12 to 7 p.m.
Who we have so far:

  • Sat. May 27,  10:30 to 2:45:  Barbara Council and Marianne Clinton
  • Sat. May 27   11:45 to 3:45   Pam Allee and ??
  • Sun May 28  11:45 to 3: 45   ?????? and ?????
  • Sun May 28   ?????????????????????
  • Mon May 29  11:45 to 3:45   Cliff Goldman and ?????
  • Mon May 29   11:45 to 3:45 ?????
  • Mon May 29   3: 45 to 7:30   Barbara Council and Gary Sinnen

Please call or email me if you can help. Thank you,
Barbara Council 503-680-7354


Fifteen people!! and two TV stations attended our .press conference,
called to express outrage over the Republican health care,bill and to support single payer!  --Lisa Stiller

HCAO people who attended the city council meeting in Beaverton
where the proclamation in support of access to health care for Oregonians was read: 
Yuriko Lee, Judith Lienhart, Aaron Coultner, Lisa Stiller. Amanda Coulter, and Inger Easton