March Legislative update

Legislative Update: April 20 rally, lobby day, and hearings

--by Charlie Swanson, Legislative Committee chair

A hearing regarding HCAO’s single payer bill and the RAND report has been scheduled for Thursday, April 20. This will be in the Senate Committee on Health Care, 1:00 to 3:00 pm. HCAO will have a rally and lobby day on that day.

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There will also be a hearing on the RAND report on the previous day, April 19, in the House Committee on Health Care. This will be a much smaller event, with some dedicated HCAO policy wonks attending.

HCAO has submitted supportive testimony, sometimes both written and oral, regarding a number of bills in this session:

  • CCO reform--HB 2122
  • Nonprofit hospital community benefit requirements--HB 2115
  • Cover All Kids--SB 558 and HB 2726
  • Reproductive Health Equity Act--HB 3391
  • Prescription Drug pricing transparency and accountability--HB 2387, SB 237, SB 792, SB 793

Cover All Kids--both House and Senate bills have gotten out of the Health Care committees with a do-pass recommendation, and have been referred to Ways and Means. The other bills are still in their respective health care committees.