M 101: What you Need to Know

What you need to know about Measure 101

We all have the opportunity to vote YES on Measure 101 this January. Here are four things you need to know today about Measure 101!

  • HCAO has joined over 100 groups in endorsing Measure 101. This coalition includes doctors, nurses, health care advocates, hospitals and local businesses, and everyday people like YOU!
  • 1 million Oregonians (that’s one in four Oregonians!) depend on the Oregon Health Plan. Measure 101 guarantees that our friends and neighbors who rely on OHP won’t lose their coverage.
  • 400,000 Oregon children rely on the Oregon Health Plan to grow up healthy. With Measure 101, families don’t have to worry that their children could lose their coverage.
  • Measure 101 stabilizes insurance marketplaces and premiums. It will save middle-class families who buy their own insurance an average of $300 a month in insurance premiums!

You and I both know how much health care matters. This is why as we join together to say Yes to Measure 101, HCAO will be in a much better position to take the next steps in getting Single Payer passed in Oregon.

I hope, as an HCAO supporter, you will remember to cast your vote as YES on Measure 101 for health care this January. Every Oregonian deserves health care, no matter who they are or where they work,

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Thank you,


Tom Sincic, HCAO President

P.S. Register to vote and make sure you know where a ballot drop box is near you!