Let's Make Ii Happen!

Let's make it happen!

                    Senator Merkley press conference, September 16, 2016

                    Senator Merkley press conference, September 16, 2016

Health Care for All-Oregon's Vice President, Benjamin Gerritz, delivered a speech at US Senator Merkley's press release event announcing our Senator's public health care option on the morning of Friday, September 16 at the North by Northeast Health Center in Portland.

Gerritz stated, "Equitable access to high quality, publicly funded, universal health care is the right thing to do for our families, the right thing for our friends, for our neighbors, the right thing for our community. A healthy Oregon is an economically empowered one. If you believe equity in health care access is achievable, I ask you to join our Senator, to join the people of North by Northeast, to join Health Care for All, and let’s make it happen.

Health Care for All-Oregon's legislative team and activists plan to meet with Senator Merkley in the near future to discuss how best we may continue to work together to accomplish our shared vision of equitable health care access for all.  Read about Senator Merkley's public healthcare option, which currently has 33 US Senate cosponsors.

--by Ben Gerritz, HCAO Vice-President