Larry's Corner June

Larry's Corner

--Larry Symonds, HCAO Fundraising Manager
I want to take a few minutes this month to talk about the importance of individuals as
members in HCAO. While most who read this newsletter are not only supporters, but also members, many have not taken that step. Becoming an individual member/supporter is both simple and important. It drives our efforts and, most significantly, is the backbone of our financial well-being.

Membership carries with it a commitment to that financial well-being. Membership is a commitment which helps HCAO in its mission, by enabling us to provide the resources necessary to manage and disseminate our message. It allows us to educate and mobilize. It enables us to acquire and maintain essential tools (tablets, projectors, printing, postage, etc.). It enables us to engage through social media. It supports the infrastructure (just a way of describing all the tech and compliance requirements of a grassroots organization). In short, members and their financial commitment mean we will succeed.

So, if you are reading this newsletter and have not become a member, please take a moment and do so now. You can go HERE to do it online.

And remember, organizations can also be members. In fact organizational members provide the voting constituency as well as financial support. If you are a member of an organization (church, political party, union, etc.), consider encouraging their membership. Or let us know who we should talk with. If you are curious about the organizations which have already joined us as members, you can see a list on our website, HERE.

Of course, I can’t leave out all of you who are already members and thank you for all you give and do. If you know someone who is a supporter but not a member….nudge them to become a member.

Let me conclude this very brief message with another convenient reminder. You can become a member or simply add additional financial support by clicking HERE.


Everybody in! Nobody out!