Larry's corner

Larry's corner

--Larry Symonds, HCAO Fundraising Manager
As we approach our June 10 membership meeting in Salem, I thought I’d talk a bit about why fundraising is so important to our success. We are an extraordinarily lean organization, with our great strength coming from thousands of members, supporters and volunteers. We are the very definition of a grassroots movement. But, the reality is that we need to manage these efforts and significantly grow the movement. By some studies, we will need in excess of 60,000 supporters if we end up with a ballot measure (not to mention resources to promote that measure).

To mobilize thousands of supporters requires organization, training, education and the tools to deliver those requirements. Financial support, in addition to the hundreds of thousands of volunteer hours, is crucial to fulfilling those requirements.

While the most important thing we ask of people is their voice or name in support of single payer, universal health care for ALL Oregonians, any financial support within your comfort level is vital to what we do. I, like everyone, need to pay attention to my budget and give only what and where I can. And not all can provide financial support--all the more reason why we must succeed - but for those who can, please consider giving just a bit more. Perhaps your $30 per year basic support can become a recurring $10 per month. Maybe you have an employer who matches gifts. Or your church, club, or other organizations might consider a membership.

There are countless opportunities to help financially and if you want to discuss or explore options, call or email me (541-250-1893). Or talk with me in Salem. I will share some thoughts at a couple of the breakout sessions.

Finally, I want to mention that a wonderful way to help is to identify others who may be interested in our efforts and may have the potential to provide support (financial as well as their voice or name). I am organizing a group of supporters around the state who will focus on just that. I call them “rainmakers.” We will talk regularly about possible financial supporters and how I can reach out to them. Yes, I said I will reach out. I know how awkward many people feel about asking for money, even for something this important. So our rainmakers will not be yoked with the responsibility of asking people for money (unless they choose to do so), but rather helping me discover who should be asked. Perhaps you have ideas or want to be a part of our group. If so, reach out to me.

Well, I’m optimistic about our efforts and confident that summer (yes, summer will come) brings an additional surge in this inevitable movement. I hope to see many of you in Salem on the 10th.

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