How Do We Measure Progress Toward Universal Health Care

How Do We Measure Progress Toward Universal Health Care?

Now is The Time film screening at the Salem Progressive Film series yielded many new HCAO supporters.  

Now is The Time film screening at the Salem Progressive Film series yielded many new HCAO supporters.


-- Lee Mercer, HCAO Mobilization Committee Chair
As many of you are aware, the Health Care for All-Oregon board has a four-year strategic plan culminating with a ballot measure in 2020 to achieve universal publicly funded health care in Oregon. Less of you are aware that, last year, the board put in place an Operational Plan with numerous benchmarks measuring our progress towards that goal.

Focusing on the Mobilization Committee goals, our work is focused on building our database of supporters to 60,000, or about 3% of registered voters, by 2020. To achieve this, at that time, we projected the need to add more than 800 supporters to our list each month.

In the past month, 492 contacts have been added to our database (we are now at 23,155 supporters) from Statements of Support created at events around the state. This is great, but to achieve our goals, we need to increase our outreach and education to Oregonians, and push this to 800 or more monthly.

To achieve this goal, in our Operations Plan, we broke down Statement of Support signature gathering into various activities our Local Chapters and Member Organizations are doing around the state month in and month out, setting goals for signatures collected by event, annually. Here are some examples:
Statements of Support signatures gathered at:
2 to 4 rallies a year.                                   300
24 speaking events a year.                     1200
24 house parties annually                        600
24 movie screenings annually                 600
12 union speaking or tabling events       600
12 other organizational tabling events   600
50 tabling, forums, street fairs, etc       2500
24-chapter canvasses                               1200
Online signature gathering                      2400
Total new supporters in database:       10,000 annually

To help achieve these ambitious goals, you, as a member of HCAO, can help in several ways:

  • Get out and Volunteer to table at events, farmers markets, street fairs and film screenings as often as possible.
  • Make sure Statement of Support sheets are turned in as soon as possible after collecting to data volunteers in your Local Chapter, scanned and e-mailed to or mailed to HCAO, 1443 SE 122nd Ave, Portland, OR 97233

We are currently setting up tracking systems to keep track of all our events and activities. We are tracking film screenings, for example, and have done or have schedule 44 screenings this year. Mike Huntington, our Speakers Bureau Chair, is tracking speaking events, and has 21 listed this year.

  • To help in this tracking, if you can let your chapter chair or Lee Mercer know about events (house parties, tabling, speaking, film screenings, canvassing) you have done with (1) how many people attended, (2) how many Statements of Support signatures were collected, the location, date and time, we will work on getting a more complete tracking of events.
  • For those of you tracking new supporters on your own chapter spread sheets, we need those submitted for uploading to our E-tapestry database on a regular basis. The sooner folks get into the statewide list, the more supporters we have, and the sooner they start getting this newsletter!

Thanks again to everyone who has been working hard on dozens of statewide tabling events throughout the summer, speaking events, forums and film screenings. We are building the grassroots support we need to succeed in 2020, one event at a time!