HCAO August newsletter

HCAO August Newsletter:
Everyone's Talking "Single Payer!"

HCAO to honor long-time Health Care as a Human Right advocate Representative Mitch Greenlick, at the Riverside Country Club in Portland on October 6. This celebration is a benefit for Health Care for All-Oregon. You are invited to attend. Click here for information and tickets, or go to hcao.org.

Space is limited.


                             PNHP Creates Single Payer Billboard in Portland

                             PNHP Creates Single Payer Billboard in Portland

Everyone's Talking "Single Payer!" Are You?

--Tom Sincic, Family Nurse Practitioner, President Health Care for ALL-Oregon
Common Dreams reports that on August 16 at another town hall, this time in Colorado, cheers for Single Payer drowned out another politician. That same article reports that 62% of Americans now favor Single Payer. Warren Buffet is speaking in favor of Single Payer. You may or may not be on Twitter, but in May alone there were about 400,000 #singlepayer tweets.

PNHP Creates Single Payer Billboard in Portland

Physicians for a National Health Program (PNHP) of Portland has created an exciting new billboard promoting universal health care in Portland. They worked with Kathy Unis and Classic Pianos to erect a billboard near the intersection of SE 12th AV and Powell Blvd. Classic Pianos owns the billboard and Pacific Billboards manages the advertisements for a fee. Classic Pianos generously donated their billboard space to PNHP Portland in order to support the concept of universal care and single payer health care. Pacific designed the billboard with guidance from a small working group from PNHP Portland and Classic Pianos. They plan to leave the billboard up for two to three months and re-assess at that time.

Potential future ideas are to have sequential billboards that provide more information over time, or continue to broaden our theme with humor etc. PNHP national is aware of the project and will be tracking hits to the PNHP website over the course of the billboard’s life.
-Notes on billboard submitted by Dr. Peter Mahr, Portland PNHP

More Volunteers Than We Know What To Do With!

--Lee Mercer, HCAO Mobilization Committee Chair
Health Care for All-Oregon has a great problem. We have almost more new volunteers than we know what to do with! And we need to learn to engage these hundreds of new and long-time supporters statewide in the fight for universal publicly funded health care.

Largely due to efforts by Congress to roll back the Affordable Care Act with bills that would knock tens of millions of Americans off their health care, more and more Oregonians are responding to the need for Improved and Expanded Medicare for All.

This means more folks are signing the Statement of Support on our website and filling out our Want to Get Involved With HCAO Volunteer Skills Assessment Form. If you are a supporter and haven’t filled out this form, you should Click HERE to do so now.

HCAO Local Groups Orientation Agenda

A short 30-minute program for new chapter members as an ongoing effort to bring folks into the Movement.

House parties about health care in other developed countries

--Ken Rosenberg
HCAO is sponsoring house parties showing the PBS documentary about health care in other developed countries, Sick Around the World: Other Rich Countries Have Universal Health Care; Why Don’t We? In the film, T.R. Reid (Washington Post journalist and ColoradoCare activist) examines first-hand how other advanced capitalist democracies--United Kingdom, Japan, Germany, Taiwan and Switzerland--deliver health care, and what the United States might learn from their successes and their failures.

After showing the one-hour DVD, an HCAO volunteer will facilitate a discussion about Health Care for All-Oregon and Improved Medicare For All.

If you (or a friend) can host a house party, please contact Ken Rosenberg, 503-493-0322.

Nurses Speak Out:

--Rachel Prusak, MSN, APRN, FNP-C
This month I had the privilege of co-facilitating a town hall with fellow ONA member, Teri Mills, to discuss Republican lawmaker Julie Parrish’s statewide effort to derail Medicaid funding and raise health care premiums for Oregonians. If Parrish's effort succeeds, it would be devastating for many of Oregon's most vulnerable residents, including the elderly and disabled patients I serve. During the town hall, many in attendance shared their personal stories about how her referendum on House Bill 2391 could affect their health care. While we all pursue our mission to fight for every person in Oregon to have equal access to comprehensive, affordable and high-quality health care, we must also fight to protect and expand access to the current system.

News from Around the State

Single Payer in the News

The kindness of strangers: GoFundMe is often patients’ only hope
Two Eugene residents and their families turn to crowd-funding to help cover medical expenses

--by Rachel Rippetoe for The Register-Guard August 7, 2017


Tim Fink gives his wife, Molly, a kiss as she rests in her bed at Avamere Riverpark of Eugene. The couple have used GoFundMe as a resource to help raise money for the medical expenses associated with Molly Fink's brain injuries. (Rhianna Gelhart/The Register-Guard)

Response to Assertions in: Tell Democrats NO to Socialized Healthcare
(petition by the National Republican Congressional Committee, NRCC)

--Jim Robison, President HCAO Action