HCAO Re0organization

HCAO re-organization

In order to strengthen our education, outreach and engagement of Oregon voters in support of universal publicly funded health care, the HCAO board has reorganized our current elected leadership team.

Effective September 1, Lee Mercer has volunteered to step down as President and serve as Mobilization Committee Chair and Ad Hoc Member of the Executive Team. The Board has appointed Tim Roach, formerly our Treasurer, as President, Ben Gerritz will continue as Vice President, and Cheryl Simpson, former Ad Hoc Executive Committee member will serve as Treasurer.

This maintains the same Executive Committee but with Roach serving as President, Simpson as Treasurer, Mark Lindgren as Secretary and Mercer as Ad Hoc Exec Committee member while filling the Mobilization Committee Chair position, previously vacant for many months. These changes will be effective until elections at our Annual Membership Meeting in May.

As Mobilization Committee Chair, Mercer will recruit a statewide committee of chapter representatives and other activists, work with regional volunteer coordinators to engage members, travel to, meet with and assist statewide chapters, act as a liaison to businesses and allied organizations and coordinate mobilization for rallies, legislative days and hearings.

If interested in joining the HCAO Mobilization Committee, please contact Lee Mercer..

For questions, please contact Tim Roach our new HCAO President.

We are very excited about this re-organization, and with our robust leadership team in place will accelerate our efforts to create a universal care system in Oregon.

At the Board meeting on August 27, the Board agreed to re-organize HCAO's leadership (shifting duties within the Executive Committee), as provided for in the By-Laws: 

Article IV, section 5-A- i: Section 5. Filling Vacancies A) The Board may appoint new Directors to fill any vacancies on the Board. i) A Director appointed to fill a vacancy shall serve only until the next Annual Meeting of the Membership.