Guaramteed Health Care

Campaign for Guaranteed Health Care:
Notes From National Single Payer Movement-

by Lee Mercer

Announced at the national single payer conference in New York City in January, a new nationwide Campaign for Guaranteed Healthcare is rolling out now. HCAO has joined the campaign and we participated in a conference call on February 14 with the leadership of HealthcareNOW!, Labor Campaign for Single Payer, National Nurses United, Progressive Democrats of America and representatives from a number of states, discussing refinement of the campaign and expanding the steering committee.

Addressing the chaos facing our health care system, the campaign will focus on creating national partnerships to defend Medicaid (opposing block granting and cuts) and Medicare (opposing vouchers and cuts) while building our movement for universal publicly funded health care.

Coming soon will be a website with promotional materials and messaging for coordinated national actions. View the Campaign for Guaranteed Healthcare Facebook page now.

From the Campaign for Guaranteed Healthcare launch description: “Through nationally coordinated actions, public education, and lobbying, the Campaign for Guaranteed Healthcare will organize for the health care system Americans deserve and can have: improved Medicare for All that costs less and covers everyone.”

To join the national Campaign for Guaranteed Healthcare:
Click here to join the campaign as an organization.
Click here to join the campaign as an individual