MVHCA in Corvallis Christmas Parade

MidValley Health Care Advocates
march in the Corvallis Christmas Parade

--Report by Mike Huntington, Corvallis
Sixteen MVHCA activists took to the streets on Friday, November 24, during the annual Corvallis Christmas parade.  We were greeted warmly by a friendly crowd. Lots of kids were out with their parents.  Earl Boissonou, a retired teacher, built the sea-worthy tub boat in his garage over the past 3 years.  He entered the boat in the Christmas parade and then called us to see if MVHCA wanted to march behind the boat. 

The boat was 38th of 80 or so entries.  Kelly Volkman's husband, the emcee at the review booth in front of Benton County Court House, gave us generous recognition and told me before the parade that he supports single payer health care.  Kelly is the Health Navigation Coordinator for the Benton County Health Department.

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