Communications Committee Re-Organizes


Communications Committee Re-Organization

--Sandi Bean, HCAO Communications Chair


At the October 21 statewide meeting, Committee member and web team leader Chris Heydemann presented an outline of the planned revision of the HCAO website, to create one that is designed to inform and motivate using a clear and easily navigable architecture. The website will feature simple messages and calls to immediate and long-term action. 

During the two afternoon break-out sessions, Chris and Communications committee chair Sandi Bean fielded questions, gathered reactions to Chris's earlier presentation, recruited web content writers and editors, and facilitated enthusiastic discussions among the dozen participants in each session.

The break-out sessions also generated lively reactions to the various messages that HCAO has lofted over the years. For example, confusion reigns over whether we should emphasize Medicare for All; Expanded and Improved Medicare for All (the title of H.E. 676), Universal Health Care (the term used by the United Nations), or something else. Is our main message “better care, for more people, for less money”? Is this triad well understood? Do we want to talk about a single risk pool, or call the proposed Oregon plan a “single payer” plan? The communications committee will conduct message testing over the next several months aimed at resolving and refining HCAO message framing.

The current Communications Committee membership comprises 13 to 16 members, many of whom focus on specific tasks—including the newsletter (Joanne Cvar), social media (Jo Alexander and Sandy Krebs), and the task group on web development (Chris Heydemann, Matt Gitchell, Gray McGuire, Kate Thomas, Sandy Krebs, and Kelley Walter).