Communications Committee changes hands

HCAO Communications Committee changes hands:
Sandra J. Bean, MPH, PhD, replaces Jim Robison as Communications Chair


Sandra says:
I am delighted to serve Health Care for All-Oregon as your communications committee chair. As you may know, Jim Robison, who has so ably filled this position, is now devoting his energies to eTapestry. 

I look forward to learning more about the HCAO communications function as envisaged by the Board and members as I work to coordinate and provide what minimal oversight is needed for the various communications activities. 

My mission is that of the committee itself, that is—to raise awareness of our HCAO campaign and provide information about our purpose across the state of Oregon. Like you, I believe that health care is a human right, a public good (and not a market commodity), and benefits the economy. 

--Sandra Bean, Chair,HCAO Communications Committee

[Editor's Note]
Sandra Bean received her doctorate in public health from Oregon State University in 2014. She worked for eight years as a health communications specialist with the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention before moving to Corvallis for graduate studies. Her bachelor’s degree is in journalism, and she spent nearly 30 years in organizational communication.

Before moving to Corvallis in 2008, she had a varied career as an educator (secondary and adult education), a writer/editor, and a public relations executive. In the latter capacity, she organized promotional campaigns and supervised staff, produced newsletters and other ephemera, and edited the work of others. She also managed projects—including creating and enforcing realistic deadlines and PERT charts/time lines.

Sandra formerly chaired the Mid-Valley Health Care Advocates’ Communications Committee.

Thank you, MVHCA!