Universal Health Care Study Open for Researchers to Bid

After several months of delay, the Oregon Health Authority has released an RFP for the study of single payer and other universal healthcare financing systems. With a November deadline for a report to the Legislature, researchers could have a steep deadline.

The Lund Report, March 18, 2016
by Chris Gray

The Oregon Health Authority has finally released a request for proposal to analyze the financing of healthcare in Oregon and provide for a possible state-based universal healthcare system, such as single payer.

Researchers interested in bidding on the project have until April 14. On April 29, the state expects to award the contract, for which the Legislature budgeted $300,000 last July.

The health economists will have a tight timeline to complete the study; a report is intended to be filed with the healthcare committees in November so the Legislature could take action in February.

Dr. Sam Metz, an anesthesiologist and healthcare activist with Physicians for a National Health Program, worries the project will be rushed, since he had believed the study could take 12 to 18 months in order to do a thorough job.