Consumers alerted to potential scams

Incidents involve suspicious calls about Moda

Department of Consumer and Business Services / Division of Financial Regulation

Salem — The Oregon Department of Consumer and Business Services (DCBS) urges consumers to protect themselves from potential scams in light of the uncertainty caused by the financial troubles of Moda Health Plan Inc.

DCBS is aware of multiple incidents in which consumers worried about the status of their insurance with Moda receive calls from people who claim to be able to help them. The incidents involve callers who ask for personal information, including Social Security numbers, and who threaten to cut off consumers' coverage if they do not act immediately.

Consumers who receive any such calls about Moda should not provide any of their personal information. It likely is a scam. Decisions have not been made about whether Moda customers will need to find new plans. Communications about such decisions will come from either Moda or the State of Oregon.

To protect consumers and ensure claims are paid, DCBS has assumed control of Moda's financial decisions. The department is working with Moda on a plan to improve its financial condition. Once the plan is finalized, more information will be released.

In the meantime, Moda customers can continue to access services and get their claims paid.