Stable housing is a great Rx for better health, Portland study finds

Amanda Saul

Amanda Saul

The new study reinforces what health care advocates have long propounded: The social determinants of health, especially housing, are very often as important for low-income people as the actual care they receive.

Health Care Inc. Northwest February 26, 2016
by Elizabeth Hayes Staff Reporter Portland Business Journal

Pairing access to affordable housing with health care services leads to a significant reduction in Medicaid expenditures, a comprehensive new Portland study found.

.Total Medicaid expenditures fell by 12 percent, with the greatest savings among seniors and people with disabilities, according to the study “Health in Housing: Exploring the Intersection between Housing and Health Care.”

Researchers from the Center for Outcomes Research and Education and Enterprise Community Partners Inc. analyzed Medicaid claims data from January 2011 to June 2015. They looked at data for more than 1,600 residents living in 145 affordable housing projects in Portland.