Documentary seeks to unite employers fed up with escalating healthcare insurance costs around universal coverage under a single-payer system

Now Health Care for All-Oregon hopes to take the show on the road to build the business case for a single-payer system–particularly with the business community.

The Lund Report, February 16, 2016
by Jan Johnson

FIX IT: Healthcare at the Tipping Point, a documentary made by business owner Richard Master, CEO of MCS Industries Inc., the nation’s leading supplier of wall and poster frames, describes the 35-year-old company’s challenges staying competitive in a labor-intensive industry with razor-thin margins -- and annual double-digit increases in healthcare costs.

The film describes insurance companies as the “unseen but powerful force” in every hospital room with 33 cents out of every dollar spent on healthcare in the U.S. going to administration rather than patient care – about $700 billion.

With healthcare costs gobbling up another two percent of the nation’s GDP every year, the $3 trillion healthcare and insurance industries have become 18 percent of the U.S. economy, compared with just seven percent in 1971 and about 10 percent for most developed countries that, unlike the U.S., have universal coverage for their citizens.

The film visits doctors in Canada who describe the autonomy to treat patients without interference and without the administrative burden they faced when they practiced in the U.S., estimated in the film to cost $84,000 per year per doctor because of the byzantine system of many insurers with many plans.