Editorial from Healthcare for All (Detroit) newsletter

August 29, 2015

The “Trump” attack on immigrants to this country is neither new nor restricted to the “Trump” campaign for president.  What is different about his campaign is that it is openly racist and targets immigrants as the cause of poverty among other sections of the labor movement.

In 1996, “Bill Clinton’s” welfare reform law barred legal immigrants from Medicaid access for 5 years.  It also barred refugees and those seeking asylum from Medicaid for 7 years.  Undocumented immigrants have always been barred from Medicaid except in emergency situations (Emergency Medicaid).

The Affordable Care Act (ACA) endorses the “Clinton” reforms.  It also drastically cut funding for Emergency Medicaid, leaving so called undocumented immigrants without access to even that.  It excludes them from purchasing insurance in the federal and state exchanges.  This intentionally leaves them without access to healthcare.   

Democratic Congresswoman “Louise Slaughter” assured the U.S. House of Representatives “That’s not the way it is.  There are no illegal aliens in this bill who get anything at all.”