SOJWJ Board members deliver basket to Mercy Hospital nurses

Jason and Vanessa Houk

Vanessa and Jason Houk, HCAO RV.

Vanessa and Jason Houk, HCAO RV.

Southern Oregon Jobs with Justice hand delivers a Solidarity Basket to nurses working at Mercy Hospital in Roseburg, Oregon.  The Oregon Nurses Association represented nurses have had some very tough duty following the horrible mass shootings at Umpqua Community College.  A special thanks to the Houk family (Vanessa, Jason with children Madison and Grace) who drove up to Roseburg, made the delivery and then reported back with this post on the SOJwJ website.

Southern Oregon Jobs with Justice, October 13, 2015

One of the first actions of our Southern Oregon Jobs with Justice coalition was to stand with the nurses at Mercy Hospital as they struggled for a fair contract. We remember the nurses and the difficult time they had as first responders and we wanted to show our solidarity and support.

We traveled to Roseburg to deliver a basket of fruit and treats for the Mercy Nurses. We met Oregon Nurses Association organizer and emergency nurse Carolyn and delivered our gifts. We were told about the amazing support and love from the community and the nation. We then traveled to Umpqua Community College to share as silent witnesses.

The road that leads to Umpqua Community College was full of signs of support and love. By mid-afternoon, the campus was very quiet. We saw a dozen or so students, some sitting on the ground surrounded by counselors and therapy dogs. There were dozens of people on campus in supportive roles, as well as uniformed police and security.

Close to Snyder Hall (where the shootings occurred) there is the university’s library. Library’s are like churches to us, so we went inside for a moment. A young man entered the foyer from the main building and answered his cell phone. “I’m in the library,” I heard him say. “Yes, everything is okay. I’m fine.”