Looking at Healthcare from the National Level

A Yale political scientist speaks Thursday night on what went wrong with Medicare and the Affordable Care Act.

Theodore Marmor, Ph.D

Theodore Marmor, Ph.D

The Lund Report Oct 21 2015
by Diane Lund-Muzikant

High costs, barriers to access, complexity beyond belief and frustration among many health professionals –that’s how Theodore Marmor, PhD, describes our current healthcare system.

A Yale political scientist, Marmor is considered a scholar of the modern welfare state, with special emphasis on health and pension issues. At Yale, he’s an emeritus professor of public policy and management.

On Thursday night he appears in Portland to offer his insights about Medicare and the Affordable Care Act.

His talk, co-sponsored by the City Club of Portland, gets underway at 7 p.m. in the Collaborative Life Sciences Building on the OHSU campus on the South Waterfront Central District.

Marmor’s writing explains how our healthcare system has evolved – starting with the passage of Medicare – when that program was initially intended to turn into an insurance system for everyone – not just the elderly.

His research also looks at the strategic assumptions built into the Affordable Care Act. “In short, why did we get the ACA we did, and what does that mean for any strategy of reform for 2015 and beyond. That strategy has to be consistent with the political realties we face,” Marmor said.