Dr. H.C. A'orta would like to join your parade!

I've been making this framework on my pickup to hang banners from, and enter it in the Veteran's Day Parade in Roseburg. Problem, only have the one banner, is there another one out there not being used I could have, borrow or steal? Weather permitting, Dr. H.C. A`Orta will be standing in the bed waving to all our fans. Dr. A'orta has room for four or five additional health care advocates to accompany him. If your community, town or city has a civic parade close enough to get to and home from Roseburg in a day, I'd gladly show up as an entry. Food for thought anyway.
--Bob Bickers, HCAO Rogue Valley

Planning begins for Healing the Healthcare Blues 2017
The first "Healing the Healthcare Blues" planning meeting is on Wednesday October 26 7-8:30 p.m. at Clyde's Prime Rib Restaurant, 5474 NE Sandy Blvd, in Portland. Volunteers who want to get involved and talk about how to organized this major fundraiser for HCAO can contact myselfBob Gross or Terry Rogers. They can also just attend the meeting to learn about the Festival first! I'm attaching a copy of previous subcommittees that need volunteers.
Thank you for all that you do, Paula Sylvester  

Calling all HCAO/LWV members
Jean Galleher, from the HCAO Douglas County Chapter and the League of Women Voters Umpqua Valley, would like to talk with other HCAO members from around the state who belong to the League of Women Voters. Jean would like to see several local leagues present a Resolution at the May State Convention to add a Health Policy Chair at the state level. Currently the League only has a Social Policy Chair. 
Contact Jean for more information: 541-459-2189

Sam Metz will be interviewing 2018 legislative candidates
Dr. Metz plans to interview legislative candidates who announce for the next state elections in 2018 about health care policy in Oregon. Health care advocates who would like reports from these interviews are encouraged to contact him directly HERE..
-Samuel Metz (503) 754-1329

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