2016 Spring Statewide Meeting

Join us for our HCAO Spring Membership  

Activists Meeting

Health Care for All - Oregon's statewide membership activists need you to help build our movement towards the creation of equitable, universal health care. 

Saturday, May 21, 9:30 a.m. to 4 p.m.
SEIU 503. 6401 SE Foster Rd.
Portland, OR 97206

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This will be an opportunity to meet our new Executive Director and new Outreach Coordinator, to vote in HCAO officers, to hear about and become more involved with HCAO activities happening in all parts of Oregon. A number of successes we look forward to sharing: moving forward on local resolutions, FIX IT screenings, solidarity with steel workers, member organization and individual membership growth. Mobilization for single payer across the land has elevated universal health care to the debates in the race for the White House.  

Click Here To Register for the May 21 HCAO Membership Meeting

If you would like to get involved with planning, or if you would like to offer input about our spring meeting, please contact me. Now's the time; let's seize the national attention through empowering local HCAO action to believe in. We need you in on May 21: everyone in, nobody out. 

Solidarity Always,

Benjamin Gerritz, Vice President, Health Care for All Oregon