Statement of Support 

HCAO Statement of Support Kit

The Statement of Support is a principal HCAO Mobilization Tool and is intended for use in the context of one-on-one, face-to-face discussions with prospective supporters. We use it at house parties, events of all kinds and even on the street or door-to-door. We talk with people about Health Care for All Oregon and the grassroots movement of 1.1 million supporters we are building. We ask for their support by giving us their contact information, and we ask if they would like more information or would like to become involved in helping us win Health Care for ALL.  Statements of Support are used to build our supporter database and the number of people who receive HCAO communications such as the monthly email, to mobilize volunteers for specific tasks or events, and to demonstrate to our legislators that constituents in their districts are supporters of HCAO and of single-payer, universal healthcare. 

HCAO Statement of Support Guide (3 pages)
Provides the goals, preparation, and process for collecting Statements of Support and for following up with new supporters

Printed Material and Resources

HCAO Statement of Support (1 page)
An instrument by which people show their support for Health Care for ALL, providing their names, addresses, phone numbers, email addresses, and indicate that they want more information or to become involved in HCAO

List of HCAO Member Organizations (2 pages)
A list for people who want to know which organizations are members of the HCAO Coalition