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Small business owners: Here’s what matters most as we cast our midterm votes

Health care, minimum wage and the economy on owners’ minds this week
by J.D. Harrison November 3, 2014
(Lee Mercer quoted in Washington Post)

Next Steps for Single Payer Unclear While Dembrow Keeps Fighting

The state senator told Healthcare for All Oregon that a single-payer bill will need bipartisan support in the Oregon Legislature.
by Christen McCurdy for The Lund Report, 6-19-14

Health economist bemoans ‘rising tide of administrators’

Health care shouldn’t be treated as a commodity like shoes or oil.
by KATHY ANEY, for the East Oregonian  Monday, May 19, 2014 9:30 pm

Expert speaks on how to improve health care

Go! Eastern Oregon. Enertainment and activities

Secret dollars in City/Providence Park deal

Mayor Hales Urged to Reveal Cost of Providence Park
Although the contract signed between the Timbers and Providence was redacted and does not include the amount paid for naming rights, Health Care For All wants Mayor Hales to find out and share that information publicly.
by Jan Johnson for The Lund Report, May 2014