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FIX It: Healthcare at the Tipping Point: Local Screenings

A powerful documentary film explores the crisis in healthcare from the perspective of business owners and employees.  Most people are surprised to learn we already have enough money in the system to take care of all of us—much better!   Oregon State Senator Alan DeBoer has seen Fix It and gives his endorsement because of the dollars and cents approach to improving healthcare from the current inefficient and expensive quagmire we have today.

When:  Thursday, May 25, 7pm (doors open 6:45pm)
Where:  Rogue Valley Unitarian Universalist Fellowship, 87 Fourth Street, Ashland, OR
Cost:  FREE to the Public, this documentary screening is open to all

Brought to you by Health Care for All Oregon, the Social Justice Committee of Rogue Valley UU Fellowship, and the Main Street Alliance

       Oregon State Senator Alan DeBoer promotes Fix It

       Oregon State Senator Alan DeBoer promotes Fix It

FIX IT Screening in Bandon

FIX IT Screening in Bandon


        *   Do you need affordable Healthcare?
         *   Is Affordable Healthcare practical?
           *   Will getting sick ruin your family financially?
             *   How can WE get the care we need?
  Our Oregon Legislature is looking at comprehensive health plans for all  Oregon.
Now is the time to become informed about the options available.   
Start with this 58-minute movie:

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   Times:      March 4  (7 p.m.)   
                     March 10(5:30)  
                      March 17  (5:30)
                      March 19  (4:00) 
                       March 27  ( 7:00)
    Place:      Fire Station    5811 S Pacific
    Host:      Health Care for All-Oregon-Talent

        Space is limited so please reserve your seats early.

        RSVP HERE, or call Lynne at  541.951.3136   

Please email HCAO with details of more future screenings so we can get them in our calendar.