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Health Care for All-Oregon Celebrates Medicare’s 49th Birthday All Over Oregon

On July 30th, Medicare turns 49! HCAO activists are gathering for a “week of action” in communities across the state. Throughout Oregon rallies, special events, leafleting, postcards to legislators, op-eds and letters to the editor are spreading the word that we want health care for all people in Oregon. 

Check out our Events page for ideas and to see what is happening in Oregon.

Everybody in and nobody out!

Can how we pay doctors save lives?

This study by a team of British researchers of National Health Service hospitals in the northwestern region of the U.K. indicates it can.  As a summary in the Washington Post's Wonkblog notes, "The payment changes were associated with 890 fewer deaths than would have been expected to occur without them."

Hope for the new payment methodologies being adopted by Oregon's CCO's?