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Health Care for All Oregon is a grassroots coalition of over 100 organizations that are determined to create a better way of financing health care for every person who lives or works in Oregon.  Our mission is to provide publicly funded, privately delivered, high quality, affordable, universal health care to everyone. People will be free to choose their medical provider to give them the care that they need, free to choose their career, job, and time of retirement independent of health care costs.  We believe that health care is a human right.  The care we receive should not be dependent on what we can afford.  It is time we joined the rest of the free world and provided ourselves with publicly funded health care just like we do for education, libraries, fire fighters, and police.

Can how we pay doctors save lives?

This study by a team of British researchers of National Health Service hospitals in the northwestern region of the U.K. indicates it can.  As a summary in the Washington Post's Wonkblog notes, "The payment changes were associated with 890 fewer deaths than would have been expected to occur without them."

Hope for the new payment methodologies being adopted by Oregon's CCO's?